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Full beach with chairs

Some homeowners are reluctant to add a beach because they are concerned about losing property. While it is true that green shorelines sometimes result in smaller lawns, the square footage remains the same. Some of the lawn is replaced with a beach and shoreline vegetation.

Essentially, you’re converting your property from one use to another. A good design will maintain the ordinary high water mark line so there is no loss of dry land. (more…)

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The City of Kirkland’s new Shoreline Master Program update contains an innovative tool: a “decision tree” for shoreline property owners.

A homeowner can determine options to stabilize the shoreline based on:

  • The home’s setback from the water
  • Bulkhead height
  • Depth of water at bulkhead
  • Nearshore slope
  • Yard slope

Options could include a full beach, beach cove, pulling back or modifying the bulkhead, slope bioengineering and adding gravel to the nearshore. (more…)

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