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Trees framing sunset on lake

Trees and other plantings can frame your lake view.

“Sure, I like plants, but maintaining my view of the water is a higher priority.”

Many homeowners favor large expanses of lawn because they see it as the best way to protect their view. The truth is that diverse plantings can accent and improve views.

Framing views is an important principle of garden and landscape design.

  • Identify which views you want to keep and enhance.
  • Identify which views would be better screened. For example, perhaps you’d rather not look at your neighbor’s shed or boat house.  (more…)

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Just ask the goose. Sebastian the Talking Goose says geese prefer your lovely manicured lawn over a beach and natural plantings. Taking out part of your lawn to add a beach will likely mean fewer geese stop in to graze. (more…)

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