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Wolf Bauer's Inland Sea book coverWolf Bauer is 100 years old. His ideas about shorelines have shaped an entire generation.

Now Hugh Shipman, a coastal geologist with the Department of Ecology, has compiled one of Bauer’s remarkable slide shows into a book:  Wolf Bauer’s Inland Sea:  Wolf Bauer’s Presentation of the History, the Processes, and the Management of Beaches in Washington and British Columbia.

 “I owe much of my excitement about beaches to Wolf,” Shipman said. “He made a huge difference by getting people to know and care about beaches. This book is a way to share his ideas with a wider audience.” (more…)

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What do young salmon need along the shoreline to help them survive? What do they find? Roger Tabor has answers to these questions. Roger has researched salmon in Lake Washington for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for 20 years.

Find out more at the Green Shorelines website.

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